Databases and Resource Links

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 BookFlix Britannica Canadian Geographic’s Online Atlas
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 Canadian Reference Centre Hinterland English/French  The Canadian Encyclopedia
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Math Homework Help TrueFlix  Stats Canada

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Kids Search Searchasaurus Canadian Student Research Center History Reference Center with Interface Science Reference Center with Interface Explora Primary Schools

 Links on this page are provided as a service for students, staff, and parents. Inclusion of any particular site does not constitute endorsement.

Literacy Links  — Storyline Online. Features actors from the Screen Actors Guild reading some of their favorite children’s books. the Book. Reading strategies. Guided reading material for primary students. Reading with phonics strategies. Kiddo Read. James Patterson’s site to get kids reading. Free audio stories highlighting myths and fairy tales. — National Geographic Young Explorer. Read and listen to stories and articles. Poetry. Fun with poetry.

Fun With Words and Authors — Fun with your favorite PBS characters. — Fun with Dr. Seuss. Kids. Games, videos, research, all in one place. — Fun with Munsch. Brett’s official site. — All about Roald Dahl. — Activity fun with Captain Underpants and company. — Explore the world of Harry Potter.

http://www.wordle.netWordle. Make word clouds.

Research Find Out! Age appropriate learning about the world around us. Military History Gateway. — Educational films, resources and more from the NFB. — Educational resources from Veteran’s Affairs Canada. — A Canadian Heritage site on Canada’s First Peoples. — Kids Go Global. A Canadian site with resources and information on global issues.